Miniature Fairy Garden Kits | Quick And Easy Fairy Garden Start Ups

Did you know there are miniature fairy garden kits that can help you get started with your very own fairy garden?

Somewhere, somehow, you might have the idea that a fairy garden would be a cute accessory, but you didn’t know how to quite get started.

Miniature fairy gardens are becoming more and more popular. Not only are they relatively simple to set up, but they are brilliant conversation pieces.

The one area some people have trouble with is finding accessories and the inhabitants of their fairy garden.

Luckily there are ready made solutions to get you started.

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A fairy garden accessory kit can get you started and off to a flying start right out of the gate. Then, if you like, you can add or switch out components that have a more personal meaning for you.

But at least you started and have something going!

In this post we’re going to discuss some ideas that can help you get started and show you five miniature fairy garden kits that are already on the market.

These kits generally do not include the container, soil, or plants – although some do. That part you get to decide and get set up for the arrival and placement of your fairy garden accessories.

We will talk briefly about the two stages of setting up a fairy garden.

  1. Getting the fairy garden background ready.
  2. Accessorizing your fairy garden and creating a story.

Big Warning: Make Sure Children Playing With These Are Age Appropriate:

The Figurines Are Small And Can Be Inviting Looking To Chew On Choking Hazard To Little Ones

Stage 1 Getting Your Fairy Garden Ready For Decoration

There are two very important things you must keep in mind in order to have successful in good-looking fairy garden.

  1. You must determine the scale (size), of the figures, container, and plants themselves, and in relationship to each other.
  2. You’ll want to determine the theme of your fairy garden. Is this for your children or grandchildren? A friend of mine wanted to create a Lord Of The Rings theme.

Now that you have a few ideas in your head it is time to start on making them a reality.

To get started with fairy gardens it may help to think of them initially as simply another container garden. The setting up process is very similar.

When setting up a container planting there are three things you want to take a look at. The first is the container itself, then the soil or growing medium, and finally the plants.

Helpful Hint: Consider using herbs for plants in your fairy garden, such as parsley chives and basil. You will then have a functional, everchanging garden.

I have seen some very clever fairy gardens set in stumps or decorative logs. I love the decorative, natural look of this log I found on Amazon. It is perfect for a miniature fairy garden back drop.

Of course, your growing medium will to be to be dependent on the type of plants you choose.

We thought you would enjoy the following video which shows what a fairy starter kit and some imagination can create.

Stage 2 – Selecting You Miniature Fairy Garden Kit

Before offering use examples of complete miniature fairy garden kits, I want to plant an idea or two with you. If this is something you have been thinking about doing, my advice is to just do it.

You don’t necessarily have to be on the lookout for “fairy garden” accessories. Just keep it in the forefront of your mind and take a trip to a couple thrift stores. You may find a few usable pieces.

Another suggestion is to take a look in chain hobby stores such as Michaels, or Hobby lobby they may have a few things that you can use. You can always pick up one or two items in either add them to your fairy garden scenario or swap them out occasionally to keep it fresh.

If you are just looking for Fairy Figurines only: Before we get rolling on complete sets I’d like to share the results of an exhaustive search on amazon for fairies. No joke they were harder to find than you might imagine, as they are spread over multiple categories – some you would never think of. Soooo… if you just want to see the best of the best fairies only click here.

We’re not going to show you five miniature fairy garden kits and accessories.

1. Fairy Garden 6 Figurines-Hand Painted Swing Set – indoor or Outdoor Use.

 6 pc Miniature Fairy Garden Kit

This is a great little starter set consisting of six pieces. There are two individual seated fairies, seated sister fairies, a swing-set a squirrel a kneeling fairy and a vine flower bench.

These mini sized pieces are made from High-Grade durable resin, Hand Painted and has a sun protection coating. Great for indoor or outdoor decor – on the lawn or under the tree, in a flowerpot, glass terrarium, old bowl or kettle.

There are almost 150 reviews on Amazon for these sets in the average score is 4.7 out of five stars which is incredibly high and speaks to the quality and entertainment value of these figurines.

Most reviewers had children or grandchildren that were completely fascinated by the fairies.

2. Fairy Garden 4 Figurines-Hand Painted Swing Set – Indoor or Outdoor Use.

 Fairy Garden Kit – Miniature Figurines & Accessories – Hand Painted Flower Set of 4 pcs – for Outdoor or House Decor – By Mood Lab

This set has four figures. It has a flying fairy, a bunny rabbit, a squirrel, and the flower birdbath. This set is relatively inexpensive and a good way to get started. As with the previous set these these mini sized pcs are made from High-Grade durable resin, Hand Painted and has a sun protection coating.

Have fun and help your children or grandchildren to Believe in Magic. Create a new family tradition by collecting sets.

3. 11-piece Fairy Garden Starter Kit with Hand Painted Fairy House and Accessories

 Deluxe Fairy Garden Starter Kit | Multi-Piece, Durable, Hand-Crafted Collection | English Cottage

Start your fairy garden with this fun hand-painted fairy house kit! This kid is designed to provide the framework for a fairy garden. Basically what you are buying is a high-quality backdrop.

It Includes 10 garden accessories including the fairy house, bridge, bench, and gate pieces. You also get stepping stones, planters, and acrylic stones that look like water. The 11th item in the kit is the free fairy you get when you buy the kit. You can assemble it however you like, choosing placement of the different items and accessories.

This kid is ideal if you have your own figurines you’d like to display and need a backdrop in which to do so. We are showing you the English cottage. If you click through you can also see a version that has a French cottage.

The Following 2 Miniature Fairy Garden Kits Are Toys For Kids

4. Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit

 Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit – Fairy Crafts for Kids

This miniature fairy garden kit is designed especially for kids. You will be able to create your own miniature fairy garden with the easy-to-follow instructions. It is more of a craft project.

SAFE FOR KIDS: This kit includes non-toxic materials and conforms to ASTM D-4236. Great for ages 7 to 97.

You get not just the container and fairies, but the plant seeds and soil as well! With your kit, you get seeds, beans, garden dish, airy house, flower fairy, toadstools, gems, pixy dust, stones, flowers, gravel, potting soil, and acrylic paints for decorating.

48pcs Fairy Garden Dollhouse Miniature Ornament DIY Kit with Storage Box

 48pcs Fairy Garden Dollhouse Miniature Ornament DIY Kit Christmas Gift with Storage Box

The Fairy Garden Dollhouse Miniature Ornament DIY Kit allows you your child to create a fairy garden along with her dollhouse.

It includes 48 pieces in all, along with a handy storage box. This is a good value and really inexpensive item for what you get. You will get the plastic storage box, mushroom, fairy, fence, bird nest, postbox, love sign, and road sign. In addition to that are ladybugs, hedgehogs, duck, hamsters, books, street lights, park chairs, and roses!


We hope we got your creative juices flowing. With these easy kits to get you started, you will have a beautiful and creative fairy garden. Make it as a gift or get together with the kids to turn it into a fun family activity. There are lots of ways to get started and different themes you cad select.

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