Can House Plants Go Outside In Summer? Summerizing House Plants

The answer to the question of whether houseplants can go outside in the summer or not is very simple. Yes, if you follow a couple of very simple guidelines.

The idea of putting houseplants outside in the summer is commonly called summerizing houseplants.

Our article below will detail the simple guidelines to safely move your head houseplants outside, have them thrive and take them to the next level.

By moving them outside in the summer it’s possible to increase the health and appearance of your houseplants by giving them a breath of fresh air.

Most plants typically kept indoors will benefit greatly from some outside exposure. The few exceptions to this statement we will detail below.

Warning: The biggest mistake you can make is to move houseplants outside without acclimatizing them first. The poor little plants will be shocked.

When To Move House Plants Outside – Temperature Considerations

In order to safely move houseplants outside: You need to move them outside at the correct time. You need to gradually introduce them to the new environment without inducing shock.

Your houseplants have gotten used to a consistent temperature range in your house. That range is whatever you are comfortable living at probably in the 70°F to 80°F range.

Putting houseplants outside without taking into consideration the difference in the actual outside temperature and that which they are used to is begging for trouble.

Rule # 1 – Proper Timing: Only move your houseplants outside when the danger of frost is completely passed.

We previously talked about gradually acclimating your plants to outside conditions. So, we have to make sure that the difference between temperatures from their current environment is not too great when they are placed in the outside environment.

The timing of when to move houseplants outside is very important mostly in terms of temperature. Since outside temperatures vary depending on where you live there are no real hard and fast rules about specifically when it is safe to move a particular plant outside.

There are, however, some general guidelines that will help you out. You should realize that most houseplants come from subtropical or tropical areas. They have extremely little, if any, tolerance for frost.

Some houseplants can tolerate fairly cool temperatures. Once temperatures are consistently above 40°F, certain very hearty plants can go outside.

These plants are Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving cactus, Bay Laurel, Ardisia, Norfolk Pine, geraniums, and Oleanders. But, even those hardier houseplants should not be subjected to frost.

To be really safe and have an adequate margin for error, use 50°F as your guide. So when temperatures are consistently above 50° you’re in a safe area to be moving plants outside.

To find the first and last frost dates for your area: Click on the image below. It will take you to the USDA Agricultural Research Service Hardiness Zone Finder

Can House Plants Go Outside In Summer? Summerizing Houseplants

Other House Plant Summerizing Factors To Consider:

We have already covered the most important concepts in summerizing your houseplants and moving them outdoors. There are some additional tidbits of knowledge which you might want to consider.

If you’re going to routinely move your houseplants outside for the summer that might be a good timing to for you to increase the size of your pot. Just take it up one notch. If you’re using an 8-inch pot move up to a 10-inch pot. If you’re using a 6-inch pot move it up to an 8-inch pot.

Don’t go crazy on increasing the size dramatically, for example, taking a 6-inch pot moving it to a 12-inch pot. Avoid putting a small plant into a pot that is way bigger than its root system. Use a soilless potting mix, and water well.

Be aware that in moving your plants outside they are more susceptible to garden insects and pests such as caterpillars, aphids, snails, and slugs. So make sure you’re checking them regularly.

Make sure that you’re enhancing all that fresh air in perfect growing conditions with some fertilizer to give your plants a nice growth spurt.


We hope you enjoyed our article Can House Plants Go Outside In The Summer? Summerizing Houseplants.

To sum things up, yes, houseplants can go outside in the summer.

You need to take into consideration the fact that in order to do it safely they must be acclimatized.

To make it real simple, they have to gradually get used to their new light conditions and new temperature conditions gradually. This is one thing you cannot do all at once or you risk losing your houseplants.

Happy gardening.

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