Could there be anything better than relaxing in a quiet garden oasis with a hot, fresh brewed cup of coffee? I love my plants and pottering around my raised garden beds and houseplants.

Through an illness, I’ve been forcibly retired from my career and profession. I was desperately looking for a hobby, something to keep the mind going. Previously, I had a passing interest in both coffee and keeping plants around me, as well as being self-taught on the Internet.

I decided it would be fun to create a couple Blogs one about coffee(see ) and one about small space gardening.

There are a couple of reasons I decided to create a blog about small space gardening.

  1. Soon, I will be forced to downsize into a small condominium which will not have outside usable space, except for a small balcony.
  2. Although I have always enjoyed having plants around me, I am a beginner at this. I would rather have several small projects going, rather than one large one.

If you are looking for a gardening  ‘expert’, that’s not me.

Rather:  I am combining 2 of my great loves, growing plants and blogging to see where this venture will take me.

I first started having houseplants when I got my first place after college. I might be giving away my age, but these houseplants were all suspended in front of windows with macramé plant hangers. I tried to buy one of those hangers in the store recently and the girl had no idea what I was talking about.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t so great about keeping the plants alive. In fact you might classify me as a classical “black thumb” gardener. I’ve always had to qualities which you serve me well one is curiosity and desire to research. The second is a stick to it of miss.

I was going to grow house plants if it killed me. Other people could do it, so could I. I remember actually googling “10 indestructible houseplants.” I wrote them down and took a trip to Home Depot and Lowe’s garden centers. I actually managed to purchase six of them and only killed three.

I am a recently retired substance abuse therapist. I have an insatiable curiosity, love researching the internet and blogging. I live in West Palm Beach, FL with my cat, Grayson. I drive a slightly modified red Ford Mustang convertible (my midlife crisis retirement treat).

It is my sincere wish that you enjoy the blog and any useful information that I can provide.

Bill Urell